Susan Guttzeit, LMT, MAISS

Active Isolated Stretching Specialist


"I came to see Susan for rigidity associated with Parkinson's Disease. I was looking for assistance with staying more flexible; preventing falls. I noticed improvement in my condition right away. It seems to help a lot, especially for stretches I can't do on my own. I continue to work with Susan regularly, and the therapy she provides is an important part of the regimen for managing my health." (D.P., Bellingham, 2017)

"Susan has been my massage therapist for over 14 years. She is very skilled as well as very kind and caring. She really listens to her patients and modifies her approach according to their specific needs. I have no hesitation in recommending Susan." (Deborah T., Samish Hill, 2017)

"Susan is a sensitive, caring and knowledgeable body work professional. I have had the privilege of receiving both massage and "active isolated stretching and strengthening". Susan teaches her clients about healing their own bodies." (MaryLou S., Our Haven in Fairhaven, 2017)

"Two years ago at the age of 70 I came to see Ms. Guttzeit for help to correct muscle atrophy due to being chair-ridden for three years. After three years of being completely sedentary, I couldn’t volitionally move my gluteal muscles because I couldn’t even feel them. What I could feel was unremitting pain so severe I was reduced to tears whenever I tried to do the simplest of tasks.
Susan used a combination of assisted Active Isolated Stretching and Manual Ligament Therapy that gradually allowed my muscles to relearn how they were supposed to function. She taught me how to do the stretches at home and after a few months I was able to feel the muscles moving again when I walked. We have continued to work together to restore as much muscle function as possible to an aging body. Susan’s depth of knowledge, both of the human body and how it’s supposed to function and her treatment techniques have given me my life back. Her patience, gentle encouragement when I wanted to give up, her willingness to share her knowledge and help me understand how and why to do the stretches have enabled me to move from a place of disability to a place of strength and health I couldn’t believe I would ever be able to achieve.
The most important thing Susan has taught me is to be aware of what my body is telling me and to keep moving, gently when pain requires it and more vigorously when I can. Susan has been instrumental in my being able to get my life back.  Today I can actually “dance to the music” whereas I could barely walk two years ago." (Annie H., Ferndale, WA, February 2014)

"I came to Susan Guttzeit looking for assistance with my Parkinson's physical symptoms. Since I have been working with her my mobility has improved. I also gained a better understanding of the relationship between my physical and mental components. I like best the explanations of what we are doing and why in our sessions." (R.C.S., Bellingham, April 2013) 

“AIS is the answer to a  comprehensive, full-body stretching program. An individually assisted session  feels as good as a massage.” (Paul Mulholland, M.Ed., Counselor, Fitness Trainer and Tai Chi Instructor)


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