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StretchingPlus sessions combine the benefits of Active Isolated Stretching and Manual Ligament Therapy in a therapeutic setting. With gentle assistance I help you reach your health and fitness goals. Improve flexibility, recover faster from an injury or surgery, enhance athletic performance. These types of movement therapy are active, assisted, and done fully clothed on a massage table or seated.

Active Isolated Stretching 

Active Isolated Stretching (AIS) is a dynamic stretching system that works with the natural healing processes in the body.  It avoids triggering a rebound contraction in the tissues you are trying to stretch. Repetitive, active muscle contractions flush tissues with restorative blood and stimulate the lymphatic system to reduce inflammation and combat disease. 

Manual Ligament Therapy

Manual Ligament Therapy (MLT) uses the sensory qualities of ligaments to correct muscular imbalance and dysfunction. It is very gentle, yet effective, in relieving tense muscles, painful spasms and increasing range of motion. This technique is an excellent precursor to assisted Active Isolated Stretching.  

Special Note: A comprehensive treatment plan includes self-care exercises.

Relaxation-Wellness Massage***

Swedish massage and light myofascial work have relaxing and health-promoting benefits. Techniques such as kneading, rolling, and rapid strokes stimulate circulation and energize the body. Broad, flowing strokes relax and calm the nervous system. Direct pressure on specific areas and gradual loosening of deeper myofascial layers alleviate muscle tension and knots. Your session can be relaxing or invigorating according to your needs.

***Limited availability for relaxation/wellness massage.

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  • 30 Minutes—$40
  • 60 Minutes—$65
  • 90 Minutes—$95

Special Cash-Only Discounts*:

Senior Citizens (60+), Full-Time Students, Smart Trips
*10% off all services except classes and special offers/packages

StretchingPlus Packages

  • 3-hour package: $150
  • 6-hour package: $275

Important Note: Packages are prepaid and expire after 3 months. StretchingPlus packages are not available for medically prescribed massage therapy treatments.

Credit cards accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express
Gift Certificates also available!

Miscellaneous Charges:

Outcall Surcharge: $25 (within Bellingham) Cancellation Policy: 24 hr. notice required Missed appointments or last-minute cancellations will be charged $40.

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Medical Massage Treatment

Labor & Industries (L&I): Requires preauthorization, doctor's referral/prescription

Auto Insurance (Personal Injury Protection) (no third-party cases): Requires doctor's referral/prescription

Note: Medical massage treatment needs to be approved prior your first appointment.

Medical Massage Treatment Rate: $25/15 min.

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